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What the Driver’s Say – Race Press Conference

ELMS - 15/04/2017

Hugo de Sadeleer (CHE) – 1st LMP2 - No32 United Autosports Ligier JSP217-Gibson

“This was my first rolling start and it was an interesting experience.  I knew the front runner was running a bit fast.  The team told me it was an endurance race; it’s my first endurance race, so they said to not overdo it!  So I was just managing the cars behind.  On the second stint I had a few back pains because I have never run this long in a car before, it’s a new seat.  The team has been working so hard and I can’t thank United Autosports enough.”

Will Owen (USA) – 1st LMP2 - No32 United Autosports Ligier JSP217-Gibson

“I was a little surprised to receive the drive thru, I had no idea what was going on, so I did what I was told and I just kept driving and pushing.  The guys did a great job on the pitstops, the team was flawless.  It was pretty awesome to hear the American national anthem here at Silverstone.”

Filipe Albuquerque (PRT) – 1st LMP2 - No32 United Autosports Ligier JSP217-Gibson

“My race started early on in my first stint because I didn’t have the tyres, my teammates used the rest, so I had to manage my tyres so I knew if I wanted to survive at the end of the race I needed to start at the beginning.  In the end I was on the limit of my tyres but I could see I was gaining more and more.  So when I saw it was possible to win the race I was really pushing in the last ten laps.  I could see he couldn’t do much more because of tyre degradation and so I overtook him.  The new cars are faster and much more demanding than the previous car but I am having a lot more fun.”

Leo Roussel (FRA) – 2nd LMP2 -No22 G-Drive Racing Oreca 07-Gibson

“It was a difficult start and I lost two or three positions.  Memo and Ryo did a great job and I did a double stint. The team did a great job but we are disappointed not to win the race.”

Memo Rojas (MEX) – 2nd LMP2 - No22 G-Drive Racing Oreca 07-Gibson

“I think everybody is pretty happy with the new car. Obviously the lap times have dropped quite a bit from last year, which is good, we like to go faster.  We ran very strong all weekend and the race went well. I jumped in after Leo on one stint tyres and I managed them well, there were no issues.  We led for most of the race but unfortunately tyre degradation was not on our side.”

Ryo Hirakawa (JPN) – 2nd LMP2 - No22 G-Drive Racing Oreca 07-Gibson

“I was really struggling with tyre degradation at the end of the race.  I wanted to change the tyres by pitting but we couldn’t.  The tyre was dropping a lot and it was really difficult. I am really disappointed.  For sure, I’m encouraged by the performance for the next race at Monza and I will do my best at that race.”

Anders Fjordbach (DNK) – 3rd LMP2 - No49 High Class Racing Dallara P217-Gibson

“It is a pleasure for both of us to be here on the podium, especially after we missed the first free practice and we were a bit behind on driving time.  Ending up here is really nice.  I believe in the second stint I was leading the race by 13 seconds but I lost all 13 seconds in seven laps because the tyres just died.  It is good to get a podium finish in our first race here.”

Dennis Andersen (DNK) – 3rd LMP2 - No49 High Class Racing Dallara P217-Gibson

“I’m really surprised to be honest, not with Anders performance but this being possible with my level of experience at this moment, so it is really encouraging.”

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