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What’s new in the 2019 ELMS regulation

ELMS - 04/12/2018 - Sophie LIGER

Application for the 2019 European Le Mans Series will open on the 7th December. Here are the main changes to the 2019 ELMS sporting regulations.

Invitation to the 24 Hours of Le Mans

The first and second competitor in the LMP2 Team classification at the end of the season will be invited to the 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans in the LMP2 class.


Wheel change operations are not allowed during refuelling operations. (Art

Success Ballast for LMGTE Cars

Success Ballast will be imposed for LMGTE cars entered in the Championship (Art.3.3).  It will be in effect at all races.

The Ballast calculation system uses the results of previous races (if any have been held) and championship positions, provided that all cars start any given season with a 0 kilogramme Ballast. (Art 7.4.5)

It is computed as follows: A+B+C = Success Ballast per car (in kilogrammes), with:

  • A being determined by the result of the previous race (race -1):
    • 1st: +15kg
    • 2nd: +10kg
    • 3rd: +5kg
    • Not entered: +15kg
  • B being determined by results of the race preceding the previous event (race -2)
    • 1st: +15kg
    • 2nd: +10kg
    • 3rd: +5kg
    • Not entered: +15kg
  • C being determined by results by the current championship standings
    • 1st: +15kg
    • 2nd: +10kg
    • 3rd: +5kg

Composition of the crews

No temporary dispensation from the rule of the composition of the crew will be granted. (Art 10.9.2)

Race by Race entry

The additional cars and their drivers will appear in the classification of the race but will not score points in the classifications for the Series. (Art 3.5)

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