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Q&A with John Falb (Ligier JS P3 n°2 – United Autosports)

ELMS - 24/02/2017

American John Falb competed for French team Graff in the 2016 European Le Mans Series in LMP3. The highlight of the season was a solo effort podium position in the LMP3 class in the 60-minute Road to Le Mans race. He now looks forward to his second year in the ELMS racing for championship winning team United Autosports.

Q: You raced with Graff in 2016, what prompted the move to United Autosports for this season?

I really enjoyed racing in ELMS last year and knew that I wanted to continue in the LMP3 category in 2017.  Graff is now contesting two cars in the LMP2 category and it made sense to go with a team committed to LMP3.  I happened to be seated next to Mark Patterson on the airplane home and we talked about United Autosports and his experience with the team.  He was planning on retiring and thought I may be a good fit with the team.  As it turns out, he can’t stay away and we will be teammates in the 2 and 3 car!

Q: What are your thoughts on the LMP3 class after your first season?

The LMP3 category is very competitive and the cars are quite similar and it makes very good racing.  The four-hour format with six events hits the sweet spot for endurance racing and budget.  Of course, we always want more power in the cars but having a meaningful difference in pace across the classes is most important.

Q: What are your goals for year two in the ELMS?

To win!

Q: You raced on four of the six tracks on the 2017 calendar last season.  Have you been to Monza or Portimão before this year?

I have not been to Monza or Portimão and very much look forward to going to both tracks.  I will certainly need to capitalize on my experience on adapting to new tracks to get up to speed at these new venues.  Both circuits are epic in their own way and make great additions to the ELMS calendar.   

Q: Of this six circuits which are you looking to racing on the most and why?

Spa will always be one of my favorite tracks because of its heritage, magnificence, and Eau Rouge!  However, at this point I am most excited about Portimão.  It is a track I know very little about but in the videos, it appears to be a real rollercoaster, with no less than half a dozen blind entries.

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