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Portimão LMP3 and LMGTE winners’ reactions

ELMS - 06/11/2018 - Sophie LIGER

Here are the reactions of the LMP3 and LMGTE winners of the 4 Hours of Portimão, the last race of the 2018 European Le Mans Series.

Jakub Smiechowski (Ligier JS P3 n°13 – Intereuropol Competition): “That win is the perfect way to finish the season. The whole team and Martin (Hippe) did a great job all season long and we finally got rewarded for it. I’m’ really happy. The competition this season reached a whole new level, it’s getting higher and higher which is really great.”

Martin Hippe (Ligier JS P3 n°13 – Intereuropol Competition):  It was a really great race; the team did an amazing job. Kuba gave me the car in a really good position and the hard work we did during the last 2-3 years finally pays off and we got the result we were all expected. We found the good set up for the car, we took a risk. It was a bit difficult to race but it was really fast.

Last year we had the chance to be third in the championship, but we had a DNA in the last race so it’s even greater to be this year’s vice-champions.

Dennis Olsen (Porsche 911 RSR n°77 – Proton Competiton): “I tried to stay out of any trouble, to have no track limits and it’s the reason why we are here. If you just look on the qualifying result, we can see that this class is very competitive. It’s great to have a championship like the European Le Mans Series, it’s not boring, there are good challenges and we like it.”

Christian Ried (Porsche 911 RSR n°77 – Proton Competiton): “It’s been a tough race, I did more or less everything I could. I tried to save the tyres as it was an important point, by staying inside the track without any track limits warnings. We then got back to the lead and carried on without any issues.”

Marvin Dienst (Porsche 911 RSR n°77 – Proton Competiton): “We were quite lucky with the safety car and from that point it was just managing the lead. It was quite difficult out there in the middle of the LMP2 and LMP3 fields everybody was fighting. It was hard to keep the car on track, but everything was about the tyre management and bring the car safely at home. We did really good today I think and it’s why we are on the top of the podium.”

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