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Portimão LMP2 drivers’ reactions

LM P2 - 07/11/2018 - Sophie LIGER

Phil Hanson (n°22 United Autosports Ligier JS P217): “I think we definitely deserve this win, we had a really good strategy, the car was good throughout the whole week. Everyone was struggling during the race with the wind but on its whole it was a really good week. Filipe did a good job in qualifying to get us at the front and out of trouble. I think this circuit really suits the Ligier even if there is not a huge advantage as the Oreca where really close. I think the difference also came from the strategy and everyone on this podium did a good job.”

Filipe Albuquerque (n°22 United Autosports Ligier JS P217) : “I’m super happy with this win at home. I’m super proud of Phil Hanson as well, from the beginning up to now he did a massive improvement. His driving skills and experience are really good, he was listening to what I said. When I was driving, I though about him and wondered how he could have done 4 stints in such a demanding track! He left me the car at the front, it was an incredible race for everyone as the top 3 is really close. I think Will Stevens (Panis Barthez Compétition) was a little bit quicker than me, I did not have the speed to control the race. I had too much oversteer and difficulty to brake, I lost the left mirror, so it was hard in the battle with JEV or Will. The last too laps were crazy, I could see Will coming back closer and closer! But in the end we won and I’m really happy."


Timothé Buret (n°23 Panis Barthez Competition Ligier JS P217): “The start was cool, I was able to take the lead at the first corner. It took me some laps to get used to the wind as it was the first time for me that I race under those conditions. I then wanted to save the tyres and have a strong and consistent run. I’m really happy about what we did here, we had a good performance and my teammates did a really good job.”

Julien Canal (n°23 Panis Barthez Competition Ligier JS P217): “First I’m really happy to be with Panis Barthez Competition, it was my first year with them and my teammates and it was a good season. This race was tough for me due to the wind, the car changed a lot in every corner, but it was great. I hope that for next year we could do more tests, develop the Ligier and come back stronger with that guys."

Will Stevens (n°23 Panis Barthez Competition Ligier JS P217): “When the Safety Car went out of the pits it was great because it neutralised the race.  The battle at the front was great so I had to take it easy to save the tyres a little bit. The car today was really good, congrats to the team and Ligier for working hard. I feel that we had the strongest car today whenever I needed to push the car was there. It’s great to finish the season on the podium of a really competitive race. And I hope that we will have some more battle like this next year.”


Hugo De Sadeleer (n°32 United Autosports Ligier JS P217): “The start was hectic with cars everywhere and a lot of smoke so I tried to stay out of trouble and focussing on the race. There was a lot of fuel and tyre management as we had a conservative strategy. We gain a lot of track position during the race and the Safety car helped us."

Wayne Boyd (n°32 United Autosports Ligier JS P217): “My stint was brilliant, it was great to jump in the car in a good position and to have a good result for the last race of the season. When I jumped in I tried to manage the traffic and I obviously tried to catch Phil. It was good to race really close together."

Will Owen (n°32 United Autosports Ligier JS P217): “When I took the car I was aware that the 26 got a penalty so I was pushing super hard. They told me on the radio just do as if you were in qualifying, so I really tried. The car was really great, probably one of the best that I had the last few years so that was really a highlight. I really enjoyed the battle on track.”

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