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ELMS - 17/01/2018 - Communiqué de presse - Idec Sport

After recruiting Nicolas Minassian as head of racing, IDEC SPORT has called upon the services of one of France’s leading endurance drivers: Paul Loup CHATIN. The French driver will be one of the team’s major weapons this season.

Working occasionally on the Ligier LMP2 #28 in ELMS last year, Paul-Loup Chatin will join IDEC SPORT for a whole season alongside Paul Lafargue. The ELMS Champion in 2014, Paul-Loup will be given the task of leading Patrice Lafargue’s team to victory. With his years of experience and his excellent results the 26-year old Frenchman is a reference in endurance racing. This recruitment enables the team based in Ile de France to have a reliable and fast driver, which is key to getting the good results they are hoping for this season. The driver, who studies at the Political Sciences School in Paris will be working very closely with the former Peugeot Sport driver and new Head of Sport at IDEC SPORT, Nicolas Minassian.

“I’m pleased to be the leading driver for IDEC SPORT. Working with Patrice Lafargue is based on our relationship and I’ll be doing my utmost to fulfil my tasks during this season. It’s a great opportunity to to be part of this top class team, which has managed to keep its family, friendly atmosphere,” said an enthusiastic Paul-Loup Chatin. “On top of that, the arrival of Nicolas Minassian as head of racing confirms all the team’s ambitions and shows how dynamic this team is. I am convinced that what he brings, along with all the work done by Patrice Lafargue’s team over the past few years will be an amazing cocktail.”

Paul loup will be alongside Paul Lafargue in one of the two IDEC SPORT’s LMP2s. A strong pairing which should enable the team to achieve its goals and raise its sights in the highly competitive ELMS championship. If they take part in the Le Mans 24H race, we can be certain that Nicolas Minassian will be quite capable of finding a third driver to ensure everything falls in place in the crew.

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