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My Favourite ELMS Circuit

ELMS - 25/06/2020 - Jeff CARTER

With the 2020 European Le Mans Series season due to get underway in a few weeks, we asked some drivers what their favourite track is of the five that feature the calendar this year.

Richard Bradley – no28 Idec SPORT ORECA 07-GIBSON

Q: What is your favourite track of the five we will visit this season in the ELMS?

“I would have to say my favourite is Paul Ricard, which I think most drivers wouldn’t say. I really enjoy it and I’ve done thousands and thousands of laps around there during various tests and races over the years. It’s a track you can really attack, especially the first chicanes and going into Signes is completely mindblowing. 

“At the end of the Mistral Straight the car feels a bit slow because you are just sat there at 320-330kph but as soon as you turn into Signes you suddenly realise how unbelievably fast these LMP2 cars are.  And for me this corner is the one that gets your attention out of any on the calendar, even Eau Rouge.”


Q: What is your favourite corner on this circuit?

“While I love Signes, I would say my favourite corner at Paul Ricard is Le Beausset, which is a double right. You’ve just got out of Signes and you’ve blown yourself away with the performance of the car, so when you turn into Le Beausset it’s incredibly quick. Signes is not that difficult a corner because there is only really one line through, where Le Beausset is a really tricky corner. 

“The driver can make a huge difference because the entry speed and the grip is unbelievable, you have to learn how to take it without destroying your front left tyre and this is something that took me quite a long time to get right. Also if you are able to accelerate,  keep it flat over the bump on the second part of the apex and not run wide onto the kerb, then you come off it and you know you’ve nailed it, which is a very satisfying feeling.”


Q: Is there another reason for your choice?

“I like the area around Le Castellet. I like going down to Cassis and the wonderful restaurants around there. Another thing I like about it is I can always get on the late flight back to London, which is always a bonus. I don’t get much time in London, so the more time I can get home to spend with my family the better before I fly back to Asia. However that will probably be a bit different this year as I will probably be based in London.”


Wayne Boyd – no2 United Autosports Ligier JS P320-Nissan

Q: What is your favourite track of the five we will visit this season in the ELMS?

“I think I would have to say Spa is my favourite circuit on the calendar this year, closely followed by Barcelona and Monza. Spa has always been a favourite of mine from back when I raced there in British Formula Ford, where we could slipstream and pass twice from Eau Rouge to Les Combes.” 


Q: What is your favourite corner on this circuit?

“My favourite corner has to be Eau Rouge, it’s so well known and even people who aren’t really into motorsport will have heard of it. It’s quite comfortably flat for us but the elevation change is huge and blind for the exit, hard to compare it to any other corner we go to. “


Q: Is there another reason for your choice?

“Another reason Spa is my favourite track is because I like Spa town. My family and friends always want to come to that race each year and stay in the town, so the ‘craic’ is always good.”

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