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John Falb: from LMP3 to LMP2

LM P2 - 20/02/2019 - Sophie LIGER

The 2017 European Le Mans Series champion in LMP3, John Falb is stepping this season to make his debut the LMP2 class at the wheel of the n°25 Algarve Pro Racing Oreca 07- Gibson alongside Mark Patterson and 2018 ELMS champion Andrea Pizzitola. Here are his thoughts about the new challenge he will face this season

Q: After three years in LMP3, you are now embarking the challenge of LMP2 in ELMS this season with a new team. How does it feel?

I really enjoyed the LMP3 category and how competitive it is. It also afforded me the opportunity to race at Le Mans five times and record a podium at all five Road to Le Mans races. It was the right time to move up to the LMP2 class and it feels really exciting. We just had our first test with Algarve Pro Racing and it’s fair to say that we hit the ground running, as we were on pace. The experience in LMP3 really paid off and translated into quick times straight away. 

Q: What do you think of the Oreca 07? How was your first drive?

The car is just so fast in every way. It does everything better – braking, cornering, acceleration and responsiveness. It is really amazing that we can drive such awesome machines. The Gibson engine is so powerful and loud that it just makes the whole experience much more intense and visceral. I love the car and am settling into it quite nicely. 

Q: What are your impressions about the level of competition in the LMP2 category?

The competition across all ELMS categories is very high – any mistake can cost you several positions.  For sure the LMP2 class provides some of the best racing in the world. I think the cars are all equal in performance, which means it is all up to the drivers and teams to gets results. 

Q: You will race alongside Andrea Pizzitola, the 2018 ELMS champion. How are you finding your new teammate to work with?

Andrea (Pizzitola) has been awesome and super-fast right out of the gate. He is a really nice guy who has tonnes of experience and knowledge on how to get the most out of a racing car.  Since he won the championship last year, it is quite nice to know that he is used to winning and expects to do so at every event. 

Q: What is your goal for the 2019 season?

I am looking forward to getting really comfortable in the car and doing a tonne of laps. I am always learning something new about how to drive better, how a track changes over the day, or little things about positioning the car better to go faster. My goal is to do my best and avoid any mistakes.  If that happens across the team during the four-hour races, it should result in some podium Champagne this season.

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