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Interview with Sean Rayhall – United Autosports n°2

ELMS - 10/09/2017 - Sophie LIGER

Young American driver Sean Rayhall is one of the rising stars of the ELMS and of the Endurance racing. At only 22 years old he already won several races in the United States and is now leading the ELMS LMP3 class with his fellow teammate John Falb and United Autosports.

Can you sum up the season so far?

This season has been pretty stellar. Minus our mishap in Monza, we've been quick and worked very hard to be at the front while United Autosports has given us really great cars!

The championship is very tight, what do you think of the competition this year?

By far a lot tougher that 2016. I think everyone has stepped up their game and the quality of cars the teams are giving the drivers. The pace of all the drivers is a very high level this year which means you really have to hit everything perfect to win this championship.

As the leader of the LMP3 class, how will you tackle this fifth race at Spa-Francorchamps?

We want to win everything, but obviously we need to be smart in doing so and make sure we get points. The series emphasises winning so much with the points system that you really have to go for it at every race and I absolutely love that!

What are your thoughts about the track of Spa-Francorchamps?

It's an amazing track with so much history that every time I set foot at the track I get chills. I love tracks with elevation and risk and it is definitely one of them! I have not yet received a trophy from there, so we are going trophy hunting for sure!

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